A highly adjustable laser - can treat a variety of skin concerns

What Is It Used For?

The Affirm™ is a type of fractional resurfacing laser that has been shown to be effective, especially for scarring, redness, and wrinkles.

What Makes Affirm Unique?

Affirm is unique from other fractional laser resurfacing methods because it is highly adjustable – the same laser can be used for both milder and more aggressive treatments, so certain areas (those with deeper wrinkles, for example) can benefit from heavier treatment without the necessity of treating the rest of the skin on that same level. This results in less recovery time for the patient, and allows for better stimulation of collagen production.

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How Does Affirm Work?

Like similar fractional devices Affirm essentially “aerates” the skin by creating a series of microscopic wounds on the skin’s surface. Most patients will see results after a series of treatments.

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